The Remedial & Training Centre named as ‘Ankur’ for children with mental disabilities inaugurated at Cantonment General Hospital on 07.05.2010 at the auspicious hands of Lt.Gen. Vinod Nayanar, Commandant, School of Artillery, Deolali. A special Survey has been been conducted for identifying children with special needs in Deolali Cantt. Presently forty children from Cantonment area are identified. The preliminary assessment of these children is conducted through number of sittings and various tests by a Trained Clinical Psychologist and counselor. Two Special Educators, one Speech Therapist, one Physio Therapist have been engaged for regular training and therapy of these children.

For the further improvements, smooth functioning and management of  the Centre, Board has considered and approved the Policy and has constituted a Governing Committee

This is a innovative project started by Deolali Cantonment Board for the Special education of the gifted children.

‘Ankur’ is being developed as an Institution managed by team of Psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, Rehabilitation psychologist, Special educators and specially trained professionals fully equipped to train special children with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, Autism, Attention Deficit Hypernetic Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disability (Dyslexia), Dysamnesia, speech problems.

One  School Bus donated by a philanthropist  is being provided for the conveyance of these children.