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Defence Estates Day (DED) - 16-12-2106 celebrated in the Office of the Cantonment Board Deolali in presence of Elected Members, Staff and General Public.

Also arranged health check up programme on the occasion.   

Background of DED

The Defence Estates Organization in its present form traces its genesis to the year 1924, when the Cantonments Act was passed, followed by the enactment of the Cantonment Account Code, 1924 and the Cantonment Land Administration Rules, 1925. The legislative consolidation led to the acceptance of the hitherto ad hoc Cantonments Department as a permanent organization. Therefore, the Secretary Military Department, India Office, London vide their letter No. 7007/26 dated 16.12.1926 conveyed sanction to the constitution of the Cantonment Department on a permanent basis. This was the 1st step towards establishing a separate department (as a distinct civilian authority) for the administration of Cantonments.


Thereafter, in 1936, considering the duties l a i d   d o w n   u n d e r   t h e   C a n t o n m e n t   L a n d Administration Rules, the Cantonments Department w a s   r e - o r g- a n i z e d   i n t o   a   L a n d s   B r a n c h and a Cantonment Executive Officers Service. Military Lands & Cantonments Service (ML&CS) was a post-Independence  creation,  resulting  from amalgamation of the Cantonment Executive Officers Service and the Lands Branch of the Cantonments   Department,   the  nomenclature   of which was subsequently changed to Defence Lands &  Cantonments  Service  (DL&CS)  in  1977  and then to the Indian Defence Estates Service (IDES) in 1986.

In order to determine  a date to celebrate the Defence Estates Day, various old records spanning the 88-year period of growth of department   were   studied   and   scrutinized.   It emerges  therefrom  that  the  date  of creation  of a permanent   Cantonments   Department   i.e.16 December 1926 is the most crucial and oldest date on which the foundation of the Defence Estates Organization / Department, as it exists today comprising 62 Cantonment Boards, 37 Defence Estates Circles, 06 Directorates and the apex Directorate General, was laid.

It   is   felt   that   celebrating   the   Raising   Day of  the  department  would  provide  to  its  officers and  staff  a sense  of  identity  and  pride  of  being members of an eighty-eight  year old organization. With this will spring an urge and a commitment to bring laurels and glory to the organization.  In due course, the Defence Estates Day may become an  occasion  for  doing  an  annual  stocktaking  of past performance and future challenges.