Right to Information (RTI)

  • The particulars of organization

    Cantonment Board, Deolali is an autonomous body under the control of Ministry of Defence. At present the Board Members are :-

    1 Brig. Pradeep Kaul, SM, President

    2.Shri Dinkar Waman Adhav, Vice President

    3 Shri Vilas H Pawar, CEO, Member Secretary

    4. Brig SM Sudumbrekar, VSM,  Health Officer

    5. Maj. Amit Sharma, Garrison Engineer

    6. Col SN Dixit, Nominated Member

    7. Col. Piyush Mishra, Nominated Member

    8. Wg.Cdr. GU Naren, Nominated Member

    9.  Shri Jitendra Kakuste, DM's Nominee

  • Duties of Board

    1. lighting streets and other public places
    2. watering streets and other public places
    3. cleansing streets, public places and drains, abating nuisances and removing noxious vegetation
    4. regulating offensive, dangerous or obnoxious trades, callings and practices
    5. removing, on the ground of public safety, health or convenience, undesirable obstructions and projections in streets and other public places
    6. securing or removing dangerous buildings and places
    7. acquiring, maintaining, changing and regulating places for the disposal of the dead

  • Discretionary function of Board

    A. A Board may, within the Cantonment, make provision for:

    (a) laying out in areas, whether previously built upon or not, new streets, and acquiring land for that purpose and for the construction of buildings, and compounds of buildings, to about on such streets;

    (b) constructing, establishing or maintaining public parks, gardens, offices, dairies, bathing or washing places, drinking fountains, tanks, wells and other works of public utility;

    (c) reclaiming unhealthy localities;

  • Duties of President, Cantonment Board

    1. It shall be the duty of the President of the Board-

    (a) Unless prevented by reasonable cause, to convence and preside at all meetings of the Board and to regulate the conduct of business thereat

    (b) To control direct and supervise the financial and execute administration of the Board

    (c) to perform all the duties and exercise all the powers specifically imposed or conferred on the President by or under this Act; and

  • Duties of Chief Executive Officer

    As per the Subject to the provisions of clause (b) and clause (d) of sub section (1) Of Section 22.

  • Chaerter of Duties of Administrative Officer and PRO

    1. To handle emergency situations when Cantonment Executive Officer is away on temporary duty or leave with the consultation of President, Cantonment Board.
    2. To go through all inward dak letters and to mark the dak to section concerned.
    3. To keep overall supervision on administrative work.
    4. To allot duties to office peons for distribution of dak, letters.
    5. To prepare agenda of every committee and Board meeting.
    6. To prepare Draft Proceedings of all such meetings.
  • Charter of Duties of Accounts Officer

    1. To be thorough with CFSR , Cantonment Account Code, FR SR, Leave Rules, CCS Conduct Rules and other laws, rules, instructions issued from time to time.
    2. To check all the challans and transit bills and initial for credit and payment.
    3. To check all bills of payments and initial for signature of CEO.
    4. To check all the payments made by cheque and cash and initial the cheques for CEO’s signature.
    5. To reply all the Comamnd and DGDE letters.
    6. To initial the Service Books, other letters of the Section.

  • Charter of Duties of General Clerk (Admin)

    1. Printing work of all sections.
    2. To process and handle the correspondence in respect of the following matters.
    a) Conversion of Lease/Old Grant sites into Free-hold.
    b) Proposals of Renewal of leases.
    c) Issue of GLR Extracts.
    d) Preparation of A.G. Rent bills.
    f) Transfer of property.
    g) Maintenance of Mutation Register.

  • Charter of Duties of Sectional Engineer (Water Supply)

    1. Supervision and control over Water Supply Section.
    2. Repairs and maintenance of machineries, plants at Pumping Station and Filtration plant.
    3. Detection and removal of unauthorized constructions.
    4. Detection and removal of Encroachments.
    5. Recovery of dues on account of arrears of water charges.
    6. Issue of NOC for Electric Connections.
    7. To perform the duties as Central Public Information Officer for the purpose of The Right to Information Act, 2005.

  • Charter of Duties of Assistant Engineer (Roads & Buildings)

    1. Scrutiny of Building Plans & all other works related to Sanctioning of Building Plans and permission etc.
    2. Issue of Layouts.
    3. Supervision and control over all types of maitenance works of Cantonment Fund Roads, Buildings and drains etc.
    4. Repairs and Maintenane of Street Lights.
    5. To perform the duties as Central Public Information Officer for the purpose of The Right to Information Act, 2005.